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Professionals Panel pt. II

Professionals Panel pt. II

     The new season of NBC's The Biggest Loser now includes 3 kids -- agest 13, 13 and 16.   The teens will participate in challenges and visit the ranch, but will not have to weigh in or face elimination.  Should the competition be changed like that for them?  Is it coddling them by not having them "play by the rules"?   Given the growing problem of obesity in children, what do our experts think about this?

     Betty White just turned 91 and is going strong on her show Off Their Rockers -- do you want to be working at 91?

     A New York Times article says Lance Armstrong is considering publicly admitting he did engage in doping.  For more than 10 years he has vehemently denied any doping.  This fall he was stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles and barred for life from competing in all Olympic sports.  Reports say he has told associates and anti-doping officials he's weighing this option - if he does, do you think he should be able to restore his eligibility and resume his athletic career?