Holiday Shopping Fundraiser

Holiday Shopping Fundraiser

     Fair Trade for All is a mission-based store on 88th & North Avenue in Wauwatosa featuring unique, gifts, clothing, jewelry and décor all handmade by marginalized producers in more than 40 developing countries such as Nepal, India, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Haiti, Colombia and more.

     As the holiday season approaches, one simple way we can all do our part to help break the cycle of human trafficking is to “shift our holiday shopping” to fair trade options. Fair trade projects help marginalized producers in developing countries meet their basic needs through providing opportunities to work and earn a living wage for labor and goods. This helps them avoid extreme measures of survival such as drug trafficking or selling a member of their family into slavery in order to make ends meet.

     During their Free and Fair Holidays event December 1-10th, they will work to educate holiday shoppers about this issue and donate a percentage of our proceeds from the event to a Milwaukee organization that is working to break the cycle of human trafficking here in Milwaukee.

Check out www.fairtradeforall.net for more information.