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Food 'N Focus

Food 'N Focus

     Today, April Aceto prepares Butternut Mac N'Cheese, a more healthy option.  This mac n' cheese pulls out all of the unhealthy butters and creams and replaces them with squash.  It's a great way to add vegetables to the dish.  The serving size delivers only 390 calories, which may seem high but compared to 900-1000 calories in a regular mac n' cheese.

Healthy Tips:
1. Pull out fats by replacing butter and creams with non-fat milks, Greek yogurt and lower calorie cheese.
2. Skip the white carbs: Replacing white rice, noodles and potatoes with whole grain noodles and rice or sweet potatoes brings up the nutritional value of the dish.
3. Change up the cooking method: Instead of sauteing vegetables in oil, steam them; Grill your meats vs. pan frying; This will help to eliminate additional oils used to cook foods.

Check out http://www.foodnfocus.com for more information.