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"This Is How I Roll"

"This Is How I Roll"

    Jenny Addis is a Motivational, Inspirational and Educational Speaker. On March 16, 1997, Jenny was a passenger in a horrific drunk driving accident that left her paralyzed from the chest down. Now a quadriplegic, Jenny has focused on taking her misfortune and turning it into a valuable life changing experience.

From learning to value personal style and makeup and how to keep her legs looking great, to hardships she had to overcome to become an inspiration for others, and having the courage to end a bad relationship that held her back, Jenny discusses key changes in her life that led her to taking control of her life and becoming the leader she is today.

Jenny speaks out against drinking and driving and gives her brutal, honest message about making good decisions. She is also passionate about airplane experiences with wheelchairs. During the course of one of her business flights, the airplane had damaged Jenny's power wheelchair.  This incident inspired her to "Don't Break my Legs...Handle with Care!" campaign, one she hopes will reach global attention. Read more at

Jenny is a Jefferson Award Winner 2012 (ceremony will be November 15) and Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin 2000. For more on Jenny and her vision, visit her website at