Seattle bar's Hoodies for Hobos under fire by advocates

Seattle bar's Hoodies for Hobos under fire by advocates

By Joyce Lupiani. CREATED Apr 11, 2014

A Seattle bar is trying to help the homeless, but the way they are doing it has left many people appalled.

The arcade-themed bar named Add-A-Ball is using a portion of its income to supply hooded sweatshirts to homeless people.

The problem is the name of the program: Hoodies for Hobos.

Brad Johnsen, who runs the bar, posted photos of homeless people on Facebook with the caption "I will post a pic of every new bum we spruce up."


Homeless advocates such as Elaine Simons are appalled. She told KOMO News that although she thought the bar's intentions were good, the bar lost her support when they used derogatory terms.

She also says that she doesn't like that the homeless people are turning into walking advertisements.

So far Johnsen has not backed down. He has said the important thing was to provide the homeless with warm clothes.

Joyce Lupiani

Joyce Lupiani

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