Dubai airline finds passenger aboard post-suicide attempt

Photo: Image by Getty Images

Dubai airline finds passenger aboard post-suicide attempt

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Apr 7, 2014

An unidentified man was found in an airplane lavatory bleeding to death on April 4 after attempting to commit suicide before the United Arab Emirates plane landed. The Dubai-based carrier was traveling to India. 

"According to police and the hospital workers in India, the 30-year-old man had been working as a draftsman in Dubai and attempted suicide by slicing into his neck, ankles and wrists just before the flight landed," reports CBS News. "The man remained hospitalized in stable condition Monday, surrounded by family members but unable to speak because of a feeding tube in his throat, according to Dr. Ravi Shankar, a critical care specialist in the Indian city."

His reason for harming himself remains unconfirmed at this time. Sans passengers, the Emirates plane returned directly back to Dubai following the incident for cleaning and maintenance.