Southridge moves bus stop off mall property

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Southridge moves bus stop off mall property

CREATED Nov. 1, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov. 1, 2013

GREENDALE - Bus riders to Southridge Mall in Greendale are in for a longer walk.

Friday the mall's owner moved forward with their plan to relocate a busy bus stop to the edge of the mall's parking lot.

It means riders have to walk further to get to the mall's entrance.

"That's too far to walk for some people. I feel sorry for some people who are in wheelchairs." said Norman Scherlie.

Scherlie said he planned on finding a new place to shop. 

Mall management wouldn't do an interview, but issued a statement saying they're committed to the safety of its customers. 

They claim the move was intended to improve pedestrian safety for people coming and going from the mall.

Workers painted a bold yellow path for where riders are suppose to walk.

The majority of pedestrians skipped the marked path and cut through the parking lot.

The county is in the process of exploring its legal options to get the bus stop moved back to its former location.