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Police: Man featured in viral flyer poses no threat

Michele Fiore

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Police: Man featured in viral flyer poses no threat

CREATED Sep. 26, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 26, 2013

DELAVAN - Parents in Walworth County want answers after a guy allegedly threatened to kill school children as a way for people to remember him.

 Pressure from parents like Amber Meads prompted the Kettle Morraine School District to take action. 
"It scares me to death. That's my main concern, is kids' safety," said Meads.
School officials emailed parents Thursday, saying they take the safety of students and staff seriously and that in this case, they do not believe there's any reason to be concerned.
Questions arose when someone posted a flyer warning school bus drivers to be on the lookout for a guy released from the Walworth County Jail last month. He claimed once he got out, he would kill children and himself at a school as a way for people to remember him. It turns out the guy was in jail on a conviction for making threats online.
The Walworth County Sheriff's Department issued a news release Thursday, confirming the 25-year-old man did say he wanted to commit suicide at a school. Other police agencies have been fielding questions from parents. We spoke with Delavan's assistant police chief Jim Hansen.

"This specific incident, I have no particular reason to say that they're in any danger from this person at this point in time," said Hansen.