Milwaukee family's pavement project vandalized

Michele Fiore

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Milwaukee family's pavement project vandalized

CREATED Sep. 19, 2013

MILWAUKEE - A mystery is unfolding on Milwaukee's south side, where a family woke up to a sad surprise.

The driveway they just spent $9,000 to replace was badly vandalized this morning. John Tadych was at work when his wife called him crying. When he returned home, he found a big mess.

Someone had dumped either dye or paint all over the driveway, but apparently left behind some evidence. "We got the footprints to show, it was a big person for one. It happened in the middle of the morning. We're still going neighbor to neighbor, finding out if anybody can help us," said Tadych.

The stain of either paint or dye stretches along at least a third of this freshly repaved driveway. Milwaukee police in District Six say this is the first driveway vandalism they've seen.