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High school warns against popular 'Nerf wars'

Michele Fiore

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High school warns against popular 'Nerf wars'

CREATED Oct. 25, 2013

MERTON - They're just plastic, but parents fear these guns used in the game "n=Nerf wars" are putting kids at risk for getting shot, for real.  

Arrowhead High School sent an email to parents this week, warning them that some students playing the game are now sneaking into their opponent's homes and running around town naked. Sam Kopecky is a senior at Arrowhead and says he is in the game.

"If you get shot, you are out until next week, and um, if you're naked, like completely naked, you can't get shot," said Kopecky.
But the Waukesha County Sheriff's department thinks it's dangerous, especially when kids are sneaking into the homes of people who don't expect them, and when they're holding a gun, even though it's plastic, it can be mistaken for something more serious.
"There is a rule if you go in somebody's house, it's at your own risk," said Kopecky.
We didn't see anyone playing nerf war games on school grounds at Arrowhead Friday, but you can find plenty of videos on You Tube.  The games have become quite popular in other cities.
"My son's pretty responsible, um, I knew if he was gonna be involved, um, that he wouldn't be doing anything illegal or dangerous, so we told him to be safe, be smart," said Shelly Druckrey, a parent at Arrowhead.
We first told you about the nerf gun games earlier this year in Brookfield.  We're also told students are playing it in New Berlin, but Kopecky tells parents not to worry.
"It's just kids in their final year of high school trying to have fun, just trying to be kids," said Kopecky.
However, school officials said in their email that they're worried that someone could get hurt, or worse, and they're asking parents to discourage their kids from taking part.  Kopecky says that since the email went out to parents, the games have kind of been put on hold, but he's thinking they'll start up again.