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Kenosha street needs stop signs to slow speeders

Steve Chamraz

Kenosha street needs stop signs to slow speeders

CREATED Aug. 1, 2012

KENOSHA- It was a call for help from Kenosha that got Speedbusters' attention this week.

So we packed up the radar gun to check out a street desperately in need of a stop sign.

Sheila Ebenezer and her neighbors asked for help after seeing cars fly past at two or three times the limit.
A problem compounded by a lack of stop signs.
On 18th Avenue, there is not one stop sign from 65th Street all the way down to 75th Street.

"No stop signs. It's crazy. I don't understand it," Ebenezer said.

Speedbuster clocked drivers going over 30 miles per hour.

Those speeds may not seem out of line, but the limit here is 15 when kids are present.
With two schools and a park on this block, kids are always present.   

"It's a park right here. The kids even when they're not out of school they're going to school, going back and forth across the street and people are driving like they're on a racetrack or something," Ebenezer said.

We didn't see any racetrack speeds, but plenty of drivers were going faster than they should.
Sheila and her family hope our presence here finally teaches drivers a lesson.