Boaters caught speeding along Pewaukee Lake

WTMJ News Team

Boaters caught speeding along Pewaukee Lake

CREATED Jul. 18, 2012

PEWAUKEE- Speedbusters traded in the radar gun for a life jacket this week.

There's nothing quite like a day on the lake, especially if spending the day on the lake is your job.

Officers Kim Stack and Steve Kneeland spend their day making sure boaters and jet skiiers are staying safe.

As part of the Pewaukee Lake Patrol -- they enforce state and local laws on the water.

A place that officer Stack thinks is more dangerous than pavement.   

"On the roadway, you've got a defnintive traffic pattern. You're going straight left or right," said officer Stack.  "On the water, there is no pattern. You can go anywhere you want to and unfortunately for some people that ends up being going down."

One of the easiest ways to go under -- is falling off your own jet ski.  Which is why Pewaukee Lake has a rule against spinning around in tight circles on a personal watercraft.

Click on the video link to see Steve Chamraz's story.