Drivers treating Mequon Road like an interstate

Drivers treating Mequon Road like an interstate

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Jun 27, 2012 - UPDATED: Jun 27, 2012

MEQUON- Speedbusters headed to Mequon Wednesday night.

TODAY'S TMJ4's Steve Chamraz responded to a viewer tip about a stretch of road that drivers treat like an interstate.

Mequon Road is a four-lane divided highway where it runs past Homestead High School, but it still has a relatively low 40 miles per hour speed limit.

A limit that drivers apparently like to ignore.

So Speedbusters set up a couple blocks east of the school -- to see if the limit means anything to drivers there.

Recent Homestead grad Emily Yingling said in four years -- she's learned drivers rarely obey the signs.

It's just as bad for a woman who emailed Speedbusters.

She wrote: "We often get honked at and harassed when we have to slow down to pull into our garage."

Drivers were pushing the pedal to the floor.

Which is one more reason Emily is glad to have graduated.

She doesn't have to worry about crossing that street anymore.

Though she wishes drivers would make it easier on the upcoming Class of 2016.

Because she'd hate for it to take an accident on Mequon Road before drivers learn their lesson.