Milwaukee County vehicle caught speeding along Bluemound Road

Milwaukee County vehicle caught speeding along Bluemound Road

By WTMJ News Team. CREATED Mar 28, 2012 - UPDATED: Mar 28, 2012

MILWAUKEE- It started as a normal day tracking lead foot drivers for our Speedbusters crew.

But a certain speeder caught the eye of TODAY'S TMJ4's Steve Chamraz -- and he went looking for answers.

Speedbusters had a couple of complaints about a stretch of Bluemound Road between 85th and 95th Streets.   

Speedbusters hauled out the radar gun to see if those tips checked out -- which, they did.  Drivers routinely ignore the 30 mile per hour limit, but then -- things changed.

A fluorescent green truck blasted past Speedbusters, doing 45 mph in a 30 mph zone.

A truck fueled by taxpayer dollars -- and emblazoned with the logo of Milwaukee County.  Speedbusters paid a visit to the county's fleet management building -- on Watertown Plank Road.

Within the hour, Speedbusters was talking with the boss -- Dan Goeden.  After taking ownership of the truck Speedbusters clocked -- Goeden promised to get some answers.

"We go back to the individual and talk with them and find out why they were doing that and if there is discipline that needs to be done, we will take care of that," said Goeden.

Complaints about Milwaukee County drivers are rare -- only a handful a year get called in.  It's good to see those few drivers with lead feet -- are dealt with seriously.