New medical device in Green Bay could help injured Green Bay Packers

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New medical device in Green Bay could help injured Green Bay Packers

CREATED Sep. 30, 2013

GREEN BAY - You can have the same state-of-the-art medical treatment as a professional athlete. Bellin Memorial Hospital in Green Bay has a new MRI machine that can not only take extremely high resolution pictures of injuries to help insure the best treatment possible but also help patients feel more at ease. The new machine is a modern marvel here in Wisconsin that looks like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie.

The machine allows patients to choose a theme for the MRI room. They can choose a tropical getaway, swim with dolphins or choose colors. It also allows patients to choose music to listen to during the exam.
Tom Ferry is an active athlete with a chipped ankle.
"It's completely different than what the old MRIs are. You can pick your theme, pick your music," Ferry said after using the machine for the first time.
The ambient experience is designed by Philips. The same electronics company that make your TVs and stereos.
"It helps reduce that anxiety. Helps patients sit down and relax and hold still over the examination," explains Philips Ambient Experience Manager, Blayne Seidl,
Craig Satori is the head MRI technician at Bellin Health. He says calming patients nerves is an important part of the job. However, the big machine does a lot more than just light up and play music. It gives doctors an extremely clear image of what's wrong before having to operate.
"It allows our radiologists to find lesion and things that were a little hard to ascertain in the past," says Satori.
Bellin is the official health care partner of the Green Bay Packers. Its new machine uses a magnet twice as powerful as the traditional MRI machine.
"If there's tears, if there's sprains, it's just easier to tell the differences," says Dr. Richard Horak, a radiologist at Bellin.
Because of privacy issues, Bellin couldn't tell us which Packers players have used the new MRI machine. But another interesting fact, the MRI machine's tube is four inches bigger. So it's not such a tight squeeze for those who may be a bit wider like some football players.