TODAY'S TMJ4 and Sendik's surprise free grocery winner


Photo: Video by tmj4.com

TODAY'S TMJ4 and Sendik's surprise free grocery winner

By Stephanie Graham, John Malan. CREATED Feb 28, 2013

MEQUON - When Billy Fears first entered the Sendik's store in Mequon he thought he was just one of many finalists in the 'Free Groceries 4 A Year' Facebook giveaway. 

Billy told TODAY'S TMJ4's John Malan his son first introduced him to Facebook.

Malan:  "If you are the winner today, are you gonna share some of these groceries with your son?"

Billy: "My son, my family, yes, uh huh, sure."

Then--the big reveal!  The Balistreri's owners told Billy he is the actual Grand Prize winner!  Billy was very excited.  The former machine operator is semi-retired, and lives on Milwaukee's north side.

Malan:  "If you're semi-retired this is perfect for you." 

Billy: "Very good, very good."

Sendiks co-owner Margaret Harris says the entire store has been excited about the contest.  'It's made our entire organization, we have over 1500 employees, and they're so excited about seeing who the winner is, and getting these groceries given away.  We hope that it will make a difference in somebody's life."

The mild-mannered man is thankful he logged onto Facebook, and is excited to do some shopping! 

Malan:  "Anything you'd like to say to the Balistreri Sendik's people or TMJ4?"

Billy:  "I'd like to thank everybody invilved in this, and how you picked my name I don't know, but I'm glad ya did.  I appreciate it, thank you."