New haunted house in Milwaukee area could be one of the scariest in the country

New haunted house in Milwaukee area could be one of the scariest in the country

By Mike Jacobs, Stephanie Graham. CREATED Oct 2, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct 2, 2012

STURTEVANT - There is an old abandoned building along I-94 that has been brought back to life.

The intent, is to scare you to death--haunting 15 hundred square feet of space, with 52 actors working inside.

It's called the Abandoned Haunted House Complex. It's actually two haunted houses in one, with multiple themes, and many terrifying moments.

Corey Stephens is the owner, and he aims to scare. "We have been working since May, every day, getting this going for this year. I don't mean this May, I meant last May."

Stephens traveled across the country going into the scariest haunted houses. Using his research and expertise, he created the complex.

"We want to make it look like an actual set. We want to make you feel like you are in the scene itself. Not just black mazes and black walls like it used to be," Stephens says.

Not only is the scare factor higher, but safety standards are also more extreme. "We have a full sprinkler system that we had to put in. We have 20,000 gallons of water on site because we don't have municipal water here."

Haunted houses definitely aren't what they used to be. This one embraces modern technology, while keeping the old-fashion fun of Halloween. From body tags in the morgue, to clowns hitting you in the face.

"It's not just an experience when you get into the haunted house but its going to be an experience from the second you park your car until the second you leave. We want you to be entertained the whole time. We want it to be a full experience," Stephens explains.  "We are trying to hit every single sense, because if you're sound, you're visual. Everything all together is what makes it very very exciting."

When the lights are out, and you don't know just what may be lurking around the corner, you can expect one thing.

"It's going to be intense. Definitely intense. It will be a full experience," Stephens guarantees.