Technology being used to track down lazy pet owners

Courtny Gerrish, Stephanie Graham

Technology being used to track down lazy pet owners

CREATED Aug. 24, 2012



Pet owners have many nicknames for it:

"Doggie doo-doo."

"Oh my! Dog dung. (laughs)"

"I just call it poop."

And after every pooch, there's a scoop. Right?

One owner says, "Oh, yeah. Every time. I've got two bags right here."

But as we know, that doesn't always happen... when owners don't pick it up! Now, a high-tech solution to put inattentive owners in deep doo-doo. It's called 'PooPrints'.

The company works with an apartment building, homeowners association or private dog park to collect the DNA of every canine that goes there by swabbing a dog's cheek.

Later, when an owner doesn't pick up, a sample of what was left behind, is put into a leak-proof tube. It's mailed to the lab, and they take care of the rest.

Tests reveal the canine culprit. How the owner's punished is up to the apartment building or association. Pet owners have mixed reaction:

"I'm all for it. I would let them test my dog."

"It's a little elaborate. Sounds like for the cost of that, they could just have the poop picked up."

So how much does it cost? There's a flat fee to get started: $29.95 a pup. The kit to send in a sample is $10, and it's $50 to process. PooPrints says clients are already paying up to deal with this problem. "They'll take a look at their current costs that they have for things like their maintenance staff, things like landscaping and repairs to the carpet. Stuff like that. And actually what they're finding is they're saving a lot of money by switching the PooPrints program."

PooPrints is active here in Milwaukee. For those owners who worry about privacy, PooPrints says all of the dog DNA it collects is securely stored.