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Visually impaired flash mob breaks out near Milwaukee County Courthouse

Jesse Ritka

Visually impaired flash mob breaks out near Milwaukee County Courthouse

CREATED Oct. 15, 2012 - UPDATED: Oct. 15, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A crowd of nearly 200 people broke out in song and dance on the south side of the Milwaukee County Courthouse today.  But they weren't your average flash mob dancers; many of the participants are visually impaired.  And behind the music and carefully choreographed steps was a much deeper message.

Amelia King couldn't believe how many people showed up, she tells TODAY'S TMJ4's Jesse Ritka, "All these people gathered in one spot to promote and celebrate the independence of blind people."

While it was clearly an exciting time, moving with the music, participants wanted to make sure onlookers knew it was more than just a show.

King stuck around after the dance to help educate the crowd on the White Cane law, she wants more people to understand and follow it, "If there's a blind person with a dog guide or a cane that is extended, cars need to yield for them, they need to be within 10 feet of them and I think that's important."

And while it's all smiles today, it's not always been that way for Tamara Golden because of the cane she carries.  "At school, it be kids, they'll just come up to me and push me literally for no apparent reason."

So Golden hopes this flash mob helps educate others about the visually impaired.  "I want people to take away the violence with us blind people.  We want to get more people to realize that we can do all things that they can do," Golden explains.

Amelia King couldn't agree more, "We are people too, like you can be friends with us, we are just as normal as you are, like I mean we're different because we can't see but there's nothing wrong with us, it's just how we are."

Participants hope their message goes as viral as many of the flash mob videos do online.