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Milwaukee ministry helping thousands become more self-sufficient

Carole Meekins

Milwaukee ministry helping thousands become more self-sufficient

CREATED Apr. 23, 2012

MILWAUKEE-  "I was depressed," and "I was destroyed."  Two descriptions of clients who have turned to SET Ministry Incorporated.

The agency helps more than 5,000 people a year in Milwaukee find hope.  Laura Laehn, SET Executive Director explains, "What we hope for people is self-sufficiency and independence because we know that's what everyone is hoping for for themselves"

SET has 22 offices throughout Milwaukee.  It helps the impoverished deal with life challenges like healthcare, housing, finances and jobs.

SET board member Patrick Desmond is filled with pride over the agency's goodwill. Desmond exclaims, "What really makes me proud is so many people have had a setback in life, and they didn't do anything wrong. What we do is set goals to help them move forward in life to help get them out of poverty. "

SET serves people in their homes neighborhoods and schools. One example is the Peace Program at Silver Spring Elementary school.  Principal Winifred Tidmore notes, "If we can provide them with alternative ways to dealing with problems, talking it out rather than fighting it out, that's best for our children and our community."

And by tackling the problems of Poverty, SET reminds families in need that others care, and that they too can discover the American dream.  Laurie Laehn admits, "Everyday I cry at least once in a good way or a bad way.  People are in a lot of pain and its very rewarding to me to address that."