"Quilting Angels" making difference in Wisconsin

"Quilting Angels" making difference in Wisconsin

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Jan 30, 2012

MILWAUKEE- The death of a young woman who collected angels led to the birth of the "Quilting Angels."

Martha Kasper was 25-years-old when she was diagnosed with cancer.  She died at 31, July of 2000.

Kelly Jurek never forgot what her late sister noticed while sitting in a hospital awaiting chemotherapy.

Jurek recalls, "In the whole room there were two acrylic ambulance blankets and she would always bring her blanket from home. She sat there one day hooked up to chemotherapy and said wouldn't it be really neat everyone of these recliners had a quilt."

So now the 'Quilting Angels of Wisconsin' meet on the second Monday of every month at the New Berlin Public Library.  The group has given away more than 3,500 quilts in the last 12 years.

Member Mary Selan notes, "It's a good way to spend your time because its productive and its positive."

And their stitches are soothing souls all over our area. Many charities have been gifted with their work including Children's Hospital, women's shelters, and the Zablocki Va Medical Center.

As the ladies sew compassion, they find great joy in giving back. Janet Pfeffer says, "You make a lot of good friends.

It's fun to share quilting experiences and ideas."Jurek agrees. She notes, "We rarely see who we give it to, but we do get thank you's back. We don't do it for the reward. It's just giving."

So, while Martha Kasper is no longer on earth, she still spreads goodness.  Thanks to the  "Quilting Angels", and ladies with a common thread of compassion.


Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

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