A hero's memory of World War II

Carole Meekins

A hero's memory of World War II

CREATED Dec. 19, 2011 - UPDATED: Dec. 19, 2011

MILWAUKEE- Bud Krause shares one of the most precious memories of his life. He shows TODAY'S TMJ4's Carole Meekins pictures of a special trip.

The 85-year-old East Troy man was on last years Honor Flight to D.C., but he got the surprise of his life when his daughters showed up at the nations Capitol.

They had taken a separate plane. Krause recalls. "I never dreamed they would end up on in Washington. When they showed up I was speechless!"

Krause served on Iwo Jima working as a member of the ground crew for the unit that flew P-51 Mustangs. He recalls promises made to Veterans that were never kept. Krause admits, "I always felt left out here in the states. They talked about a bonus when I got home. They taxed cigarettes and kept gathering money but the bonus never came." But Krause says, "The chance to witness the World War II Memorial made up for that."  "When Charlie Sykes started this, I was totally dumbfounded. I think it made up for things we didn't get."

The spry father and grandfather was moved by the support the Veterans received when they returned home from the Honor Flight.  "Everybody was looking to shake your hand or give you a kiss or whatever."

But Krause's pride shows when he talks about the most precious memory of the trip. His family's ability to keep a loving secret. He shares, "I think my daughter meeting me, that got me. It still does. That was impressive."