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Stitching Compassion

Stitching Compassion

By Carole Meekins. CREATED Nov 8, 2011 - UPDATED: Nov 8, 2011

MILWAUKEE- When JoAnne Krause of East Troy learned how to crochet, she says God inspired her to do something nice. So she uses needles, yarn, and cloth, to answer a heavenly call.

JoAnne Krause has a talent for making towels and touching lives. She routinely shares her homemade kitchen towels with strangers. So why is this lovely mother and grandmother moved to give to those she's never met? Krause explains, "I hear a voice in my head and I truly believe it's God that says give that person a towel."

Since January of 2007, Joanne has given away about a thousand of her beautiful towels. The 73-year-old even keeps a journal describing those gifted with her creations. Krause admits, many people are surprised when she hands them her gift, but mostly they are touched.

Like the time she gave a towel to a 90 year old man. Krause recalls, "He started to cry. I was so touched. He said you know I've always loved these towels. My wife used to make them but now she can't see to make them.  This is so precious, you made my day."

Then there's the time JoAnne's towel helped wipe out a woman's sadness. She explains, "This lady again started to cry. She again said you made my day. She said my daughter is 45 years old and she has cancer. I feel doubly blessed, thank you."

And it's those reactions that keeps a grandmother's heart filled. And that's why JoAnne Krause plans to keep sewing happiness one stitch at a time.



Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins

Carole Meekins is the longest tenured 10:00pm anchor in the Milwaukee market. She has been at TODAY'S TMJ4 since November of 1991.