Additional firefighters under investigation for firehouse vandalism


Photo: Video by tmj4.com

Additional firefighters under investigation for firehouse vandalism

By Cody Holyoke. CREATED Oct 24, 2013

MILWAUKEE – Administration officials at the Milwaukee Fire Department confirm 11 firefighters were the target of an investigation surrounding the vandalism of a fire house.

Originally, nine men were under investigation for breaking dishes and soiling equipment on their last shift at Engine 32 before being transferred. 

TODAY’S TMJ4 has learned three of the 11 men have opted to retire rather than face the investigation.


Two of those men were at the station when the alleged vandalism occurred, according to MFD Chief Mark Rohlfing.

The third retiree, the house’s new captain, was not present at the time.

Six firefighters are on paid suspension while the investigation plays out.  Two probationary firefighters were fired and are in the process of petitioning to get their jobs back.

The fire department hopes to wrap up the investigation next week. Stay with TODAY’S TMJ4 for the latest developments.