Coggs introduces bill to increase daycare inspectors

Steve Chamraz

Coggs introduces bill to increase daycare inspectors

CREATED Dec. 12, 2011

MADISON - A bill was introduced in Madison December 2 to increase the number of daycare inspectors in Wisconsin, and help prevent the needless deaths of children.

Deaths like that of 5-month-old Landon Schultz, who died in an illegal daycare. His death sparked an I-Team Investigation that uncovered a total of 4 infant deaths -- in daycares that were breaking the law.

State Senator Spencer Coggs wants to fix the system that allows daycares to put kids at risk. TODAY'S TMJ4'S Steve Chamraz sat down with Coggs. Senator Coggs introduced a bill December 2 that would add two new inspectors to the Department Of Children And Families. Those extra inspectors would help conduct random inspections of problem daycares.  They would also respond to tips reported to a new statewide illegal daycare hotline.

Right now, illegal day cares operate off the radar. State inspectors do not know they exist until after a problem has been reported.  Senator Coggs explains, "I assume it has to austerity movements and budgets and things like that, but once again, we asked the question before and will ask it again, 'What's the cost of a child?'"

Senator Coggs is accepting co-sponsors for this piece of legislation. The legislature could take up his proposal as soon as January.