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Broken Yolk, Kwik Wok awarded Clean Dining ribbons

Courtny Gerrish

Broken Yolk, Kwik Wok awarded Clean Dining ribbons

CREATED Oct. 4, 2012

MILWAUKEE- It's breakfast all day at this spot and Chinese with a twist.  Both restaurants let customers see what's happening in the kitchen and both are this week's Blue Ribbon Award winners.
The Broken Yolk on 16th and Wells on the Marquette Campus: This place gets a lot of student traffic.  "If you come in here on a Sunday morning we might do 5 to 600 breakfasts," owner Jim Gatto told us.  He has years of experience in the food industry.  He's a believer in letting customers see what's going on in the kitchen.

"We take accolades fine, we take criticism as well.  We never compromise the quality or consistency of our product, and I think that really shows."
The Broken Yolk also had a clean health inspection, and for that, gets our first Blue Ribbon Award.
Over on 6th and Mitchell Street they're doing Chinese a different way at Kwik Wok.  Owner Mike Otallah pointed out, "that's the difference between us and the other Chinese restaurants.  We use the Halal brand meat so it's like blessed. So no hormones or anything like that."
Kwik Wok also has an open kitchen. Something Otallah feels is important.  "We want to make sure everyone who comes in see that everything's cooked fresh, and if it's not clean they shouldn't come in."  It is clean, according to Kwik Wok's recent health inspection.  For that they get our second Blue Ribbon Award.