Fly problems at Barnacle Bud's in Bay View

Fly problems at Barnacle Bud's in Bay View

By Courtny Gerrish. CREATED Aug 16, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug 16, 2012

BAY VIEW- A hidden hot spot nestled along the river in the corner of a Milwaukee neighborhood. Health inspectors turned up a lot of problems.

Barnacle Bud's in Bay View on Hilbert off of K.K. A popular spot to enjoy a drink, or two and a meal, but health inspectors found three pages of violations.

Like a fly problem and fly paper, full of dead insects, hanging directly above a table where employees prep customer's food. The owner's son, Gene McKiernan, told Dirty Dining there were only a few problems and they were taking care of "all that." McKiernan called the problems "concerns from the health inspector."

Things like three pans of thawed, raw fish sitting out at 70 degrees. Health inspectors also found pans and buckets of food sitting on the floor of a cooler, uncovered.

Not all prepared food had expiration dates like coleslaw, tuna dip and chicken wings. It has to be thrown out after seven days.

A scoop stored with the handle in an ice bin, a cross contamination risk. And a used, soiled glove lying in a breading mix pan. Gloves have to be thrown away after one use.

McKiernan told Dirty Dining, "it's not going to happen again."



Courtny Gerrish

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