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Villa's Mexican restaurant ordered to clean up kitchen

Courtny Gerrish

Villa's Mexican restaurant ordered to clean up kitchen

CREATED Aug. 2, 2012 - UPDATED: Aug. 2, 2012

MILWAUKE- A Mexican spot on the city's south side doing some things in the kitchen that could make customer's sick.

Villa's Mexican restaurant on S. 25th St. and W. Greenfield Ave. -- this place had some temperature problems. Things like food not kept warm enough. It was at 88 degrees. The safe "hot hold" temperature is 135. Also, raw meat sitting out so long it was dried out.

The owner was at the restaurant when we stopped by.  Alfredo Villa told us all those violations have been fixed.

Things like liquid leaking from pots onto bags of food. No soap at one of the sinks, and Villa was ordered to clean.  Dirty blenders, the microwave and the kitchen floor around the cooking area.

Villa did not want to show us the kitchen and told us another family member is the one who handles the health inspections.