Long list of violations for Horny Goat Hideaway

Courtny Gerrish

Long list of violations for Horny Goat Hideaway

CREATED Jul. 26, 2012 - UPDATED: Jul. 26, 2012

MILWAUKEE- A riverfront brew pub with a long list of violations.

The Horny Goat Hideaway on 1st and Becher.

It's a popular spot on the river.  The first time Dirty Dining stopped by we didn't make it past the front gate, but the owner invited us back to talk about the violations.

Inspectors found things like pans of food, like cheese sauce and salads, stored uncovered in a cooler. A bottled beverage stored in the ice bin used for customer's drinks, and tongs with a build up of food debris being used in the kitchen.

Owner Jim Sorenson told us, "no one likes to see this. There's no question about that."

Inspectors noted house flies and fruit flies at the restaurant. Sorenson attributed it to being along the river and the recent rain but said that problem has been handled.

Also, no hot water when health inspectors showed up. The Horny Goat was ordered to close until it was fixed.

"We ordered a complete new water heater, and we were up and running by 6pm that evening," Sorenson commented.

Raw pork was stored above an uncovered pan of pineapple, a cross contamination risk. There was no soap at some of the hand sinks. Not all food, like cooked chicken wings, had expiration dates. The shelf life for prepared food is seven days.

Sorenson told us, "we have a strong customer base, we've served over a million people here; I can assure you these issues will never occur again." He also said everything is now clean; they are just waiting on reinspection.

Since The Horny Goat opened in 2009, Sorenson claims they've had nothing but clean health inspections.