China Town Kitchen

Courtny Gerrish

China Town Kitchen

CREATED Sep. 1, 2011

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MILWAUKEE - It's only been open a few weeks. So why is this new Milwaukee restaurant already being fined by the health department?

China Town Kitchen at 78th and Burleigh. So far they've paid $107 in fines for violations like a meat and veggie grinder with "dirty, old food" in it. They've since cleaned that up. Manager Wendy Chen tells us the restaurant just opened and they've been short on time.

Cooked egg rolls, noodles and fried chicken were not date marked. The shelf life for the food is seven days. Also, raw chicken stored over an open bucket of soy sauce. Chen says they rearranged the cooler.

The restaurant now has a sanitizer bucket for wiping cloths but is still using unapproved equipment like this rice cooker. There was also no soap in the men's restroom in the basement. Chen tells us the restaurant doesn't use that bathroom.