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The Wisconsin Club

Steve Chamraz

The Wisconsin Club

CREATED Jul. 29, 2011

MILWAUKEE - Dirty Dining usually heads to spots that anyone has a chance to visit.

This week, we found a list of problems in a much more exclusive place -- the members-only Wisconsin Club.

A Milwaukee health inspector visited the club's golf course location on Good Hope Road on July 21.
The resulting report runs four pages long and details 14 health code violations.
From food handlers eating and drinking in the same place where they prepare food, to cut melon slices sitting out at an unsafe temperature.

Other violations included "mouse droppings on open pans of bread for breadcrumbs," staff handling ready-to-eat food with their bare hands, and smoothie pitchers that were not being properly sanitized throughout the day.

The Wisconsin Club's general manager responded in an email.

"I am quite surprised that we are on the show this evening, because the inspector did mention that the majority of the violations were minor. All of the issues have been corrected and we obviously will strive for a cleaner report in the future."