Pacific Bistro in Delafield

Pacific Bistro in Delafield

By Steve Chamraz. CREATED Jun 10, 2011

DELAFIELD - The Pacific Bistro in Delafield is a nice place, but even nice places can run into problems when the health inspector comes around.

Last Wednesday, the Waukesha County health department handed Pacific Bistro a low score -- 71 out of 100.

So we paid a visit to see where things went wrong.

We wanted to ask why employees were heading out for a break and then going back to work without washing their hands, as well as why worker were eating and drinking in the same place they were preparing customers 'food.

Hand washing appeared to be the big issue at Pacific Bistro, as the health inspector found no soap and no towels at the sushi bar and hibachi tables.

The manager said all problems were being fixed as we spoke.

It turns out the time we visited was the same time Waukesha County was on site for a re-inspection.

Pacific Bistro sent us a copy of that new inspection and improved from last week's 71 to this Wednesday's perfect score of 100.

Steve Chamraz

Steve Chamraz

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