Cyber security awareness

Cyber security awareness

By Karen Stiles. CREATED Oct 29, 2013

MILWAUKEE - We lock our doors, shred documents, and take other security measures. But, when was the last time that you took action to be sure that your computer, mobile devices, and online accounts were safe?

What should we be doing to protect this information?

October is Cyber Security Month, and this is a good time to remember to check security settings on our computers, mobile, and wireless devices. We should also be backing up our information, and updating anti-virus and other software and firmware that are designed to protect these devices. But, it also important to change passwords, and check the security and privacy settings for web browsers and online accounts, especially social networking accounts.

How do we do this and where do we turn for help?

Go to settings, security, or privacy tabs on your computer, mobile device, web browser or the websites that you use. If you have difficulty finding these settings or knowing what to click, ask for help. You can do this by contacting customer service for your device, or accounts, or checking their official website for tips on privacy and security. You might also want to contact a computer or technology professional who can assist your further.
Get help from customer service if your account has been hacked. Get a computer or wireless expert who can assist you with removing malware and taking extra security measures.

If your information has been compromised, contact the appropriate businesses or agencies that need to know that your information has been compromised such as your bank, social security, and credit reporting bureaus.