A good time to buy a new car

Karen Stiles

A good time to buy a new car

CREATED Aug. 20, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The months of August and September can be a great time to buy a new car. Many dealers are looking to clear out last year’s inventory to make room for new cars for the coming year. But, before you head out in search of a good deal, it might be best to do your homework .

Before you buy a new car, it is a good idea to check with consumer resources such as KelleyBlueBook .com or Edmunds.com to learn more about the vehicle. These sources can provide a lot of good information about features, what you can expect to pay, as well as repair history and customer satisfaction. Also, shop around for financing. You may find that you can get a better deal on your own, rather than electing to accept financing offered through a dealership.

Be particularly careful of cars that may be presented as demos or with more than just a few miles. You might be buying a vehicle that has been known to have problems in the past. You might also want to run a Carfax report to check things out further. And, before driving the vehicle off the lot , make sure that the dealer has fixed any problems. It could be difficult to resolve these issues later.

If you purchase a new vehicle at a dealership and run into problems, try to resolve the problem with the dealership first. If you cannot get things resolved with them, contact our Call 4 Action office or file a complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation.