Keeping the burglar away

Karen Stiles

Keeping the burglar away

CREATED May. 11, 2013

MILWAUKEE - When the weather gets nice, many of us want to open windows and doors to let the fresh air in.

If you are not careful, you could also be letting a criminal in.

This is the time of year when we begin to hear about break ins and scam artists who go door to door, checking for easy access into homes and cars.

To avoid getting taken, here are some precautions that you may want to take:

- If you plan to open up, lock screen doors, and use security devices like pinning windows, that allow fresh air in, but make it difficult for a criminal to enter.

- Also remember to lock car doors and roll up your windows.

- Be cautious of strangers that may come to your door, trying to sell something, or claiming a reason for needing to enter your home.

- Some will try to distract you at a front door, while sending an accomplice through a back door.

- Secure your valuables and keep them out of plain sight.

Keep in mind, burglars are not always looking for big ticket items.

Some will break into a car, just to steal loose change.

- Stay alert for suspicious vehicles, or odd activity in your neighborhood.

If something does not seem right, contact police immediately.