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Avoiding Packers ticket and travel dilemmas

Karen Stiles

Avoiding Packers ticket and travel dilemmas

CREATED Jan. 8, 2013

MILWAUKEE - If are you planning to buy tickets and make the journey to see the Packers play this weekend, watch out.

You could get taken by scams or hidden fees.

What kinds of precautions should people be taking before they buy tickets?

We all want to get the best deal, but before you part with hard earned cash, make sure that you know who you are dealing with.

Buy from a reputable seller, verify that the tickets are legitimate by previewing them, or asking questions from a reputable ticket broker.

Pay with a credit card so that the charge can be disputed later if something goes wrong.

If you are going to meet in person with the seller, take someone along with you and be sure to do this transaction in a safe, well lit, location.

What do we need to watch for when making hotel and airline reservations?

Shop around. Prices are inflating quickly for hotel and airfare.

If you are shopping online, watch out for added taxes or fees for things such as checked luggage, seat assignments, or a special room location at the hotel.

Before you click to finalize the purchase, read all of the fine print and terms and conditions.

Once you click, you may not be able to make changes.

What happens if you make the reservations, but now you or a family member gets sick and you cannot go?

Consider purchasing travel insurance that protects you for loss due to illness or other travel dilemmas.

Even if you already booked your reservations, you may still be able to purchase coverage to protect you this weekend.

If you run into scams or problems, what should you do?

Depending on the type of problem, reach out to upper management, travel agents, or consumer protection offices immediately. You can also contact our Call 4 Action office for help.