Youth center burglarized three times in ten days

Charles Benson

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Youth center burglarized three times in ten days

CREATED Sep. 18, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 18, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Milwaukee Police have released crystal clear surveillance video shows the thieves ransacking the Lighthouse Youth Center at 24th and Roosevelt Drive.

It's the third time the center has been broken into in ten days.
After the first break-in, the center installed surveillance cameras. Now they need the public's help in busting the bad guys.
The thieves don't seem to be in any hurry as they ransack and steal from a youth center. 
But they apparently didn't take the time to notice the surveillance cameras right in front of their faces.
"I do feel violated," said Pastor James Buske, "but more importantly it hurts the kids.
The center serves neighborhood kids who come here after school for a safe place to play and study.
The thieves stole TV's, laptops and computer games but that's not why the center had to temporarily shutdown.
"They came through and they stole all the copper plumbing throughout the basement and pretty much shut down our entire plumbing system," said Pastor Buske.
But Buske says the lights will not go dark at the Lighthouse Youth Center. Once the plumbing is fixed the center will reopen next week.
"We are excited to continue to make this a positive environment for families and take back this neighborhood," said Buske.
Watch the surveillance video from the MPD below: