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Wauwatosa train quiet zone to return

Steve Chamraz

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Wauwatosa train quiet zone to return

CREATED Sep. 30, 2013

WAUWATOSA -- Those who live within earshot of the train tracks that slice through the heart of this village will soon enjoy a good night's sleep, after the Federal Railroad Administration reinstated a railroad "quiet zone" that silences horns and whistles on passing trains.

The quiet lasted 40 years until a state worker made a paperwork error earlier this year.
Horns and whistles started blowing in late June, alarming people who had never heard that racket before.
"First time they went by, our kids woke up. I knew something was wrong," said Mike Leffler, who lives across the street from the train tracks.
Complaints prompted village leaders to re-submit to federal officials their request for a quiet zone. That request was approved in early September, according to the village.
It's not clear when the railroads will begin obeying the new order, as the sound of train horns is still heard at all hours of the day -- and night.
"I understand you need horns on a train, but I mean, going through the community at 2 in the morning I think is absolutely ridiculous," Leffler said.