Walmart unveils designs for downtown Green Bay store

Alex Hagan

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Walmart unveils designs for downtown Green Bay store

CREATED Sep. 24, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 25, 2013

GREEN BAY - Hundreds lined up outside the Neville Public Museum in Green Bay to get their first glimpse of the plans for a proposed Walmart in downtown Tuesday night. The company is proposing a 156,000 square foot super center at the Larsen Green Property.

There has been opposition to the store proposal since the first whispers it may happen in the Broadway District. Those for and against had a chance to speak with project leaders. Company leaders say this store addresses a growing population in the downtown area.

"They're already shopping our stores on the east and west sides and they'd like to have the opportunity to shop Walmart downtown," Walmart Spokeswoman Lisa Nelson said.

The proposal also includes 640 parking spots.