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Thanksgiving travel could be trouble

Todd Hicks

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Thanksgiving travel could be trouble

CREATED Nov. 25, 2013 - UPDATED: Nov. 25, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The ripple effects of a big southern storm are already being felt in Milwaukee.

Most arrivals and departures to Dallas-Ft. Worth were cancelled out of Mitchell International Sunday.
A storm currently over Texas is being blamed for at least 13 deaths. It's dropped snow, rain and created dangerous icy conditions from the west coast to the Dallas area.
Tess Quinlan made it home to Milwaukee on one of the few flights before the storm hit. She described the mood at the airport as anxious.
"The best way I can describe it for Milwaukeean's here is that when a big blizzard comes through that's what they were gearing up for." Quinlan said.
The timing of the bad weather couldn't have come at a worse time. The first wave of travelers flying and driving for the Thanksgiving holiday has just started to get underway.
The storm is expected to track eastward sometime around Thursday. Experts say it could cause a major travel disruption up and down the east coast.
Cody Holyoke contributed to this story.