Police respond to violent week in Milwaukee

Police respond to violent week in Milwaukee

By Lacey Crisp. CREATED Aug 9, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The numbers are staggering. 24 shootings in just the last week.  Eight people were killed, and some of those - completely random.

Police have at least ten suspects in custody, and are trying to sort out who did what in the other shootings.  That's why they say it's so important to be visible on the streets. 
"There's no way to say that could be blown out of proportion, that's pretty bad," said Milwaukee Police Officer Michael Hayden. 
As part of the Neighborhood Task Force, it's officers Hayden and Timothy McNair's job to patrol the hot spots worst hit by violent crime. They admit they can only prevent so much.
"Unfortunately our job is reacting to a lot of things.  We can't control everyone at all times.  We can't be everywhere all of the time," Hayden said.
They allowed us to ride along to show what they are doing to crack down on the violence.  The technology shot spotter heard a shot fired.
"Did you guys hear a shot?" Hayden asked a neighbor, and she said she did. 
It was likely a BB gun, but neighbors are glad the police rushed to the area.
"Nice to see you guys around here.  We love you guys," the neighbor said.
Hayden explains the best way to silence the shots, is with help, "We can't do this without the help of the community."
Lacey Crisp

Lacey Crisp

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