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Patients say security now tighter at Children's Hospital

Michele Fiore

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Patients say security now tighter at Children's Hospital

CREATED Nov. 15, 2013

WAUWATOSA - Outside Children's Hospital on Friday, there was not much sign of all that went on there Thursday. 

The police cars that had lined both sides of the street were gone, as was most of the yellow crime tape. Inside the hospital, it was a bit of a different scene. 

Parents of patients, as well as employees, tell us that security was tighter.  At the front desk, many say they were told to show a visitor's pass or an employee's badge before they were allowed in.
"We just noticed that there was extra security, especially when you walk in the hospital, but other than that, everything seemed to be the same," said Lisa Burnett, parent.
Dont'e Thomas Junior was in his father's arms outside Children's on Friday.  He had surgery Friday morning.  His parents worried the surgery might be postponed due to Thursday's police activity at Children's, but it wasn't.
“If I didn’t watch the news yesterday I couldn’t tell what had happened. So, you walk in there, everything’s calm and collected," said Dont'e Thomas Senior.
But knowing that somebody fired shots inside Children's Hospital still has parents on edge.

“It’s scary, um, I didn’t read much into it. I’m just glad everything was resolved and no one was injured," said Burnett.