Owner credits social media for stolen puppy's return


Owner credits social media for stolen puppy's return

By Tom Murray. CREATED Aug 6, 2013 - UPDATED: Aug 7, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Last week, a St. Bernard named 'Kura' was stolen from the parking lot of Home Depot.  Now, the two-month-old puppy is home.

"If it wasn't for Facebook or any of the social media out there or you guys, the media, I never would have found her," owner Mica Chenault told TODAY'S TMJ4 reporter Tom Murray.
A thief broke into Mica's parked car at a Home Depot.  It appears a surveillance camera captured an SUV leaving with Kura.
"My passenger side door was unlocked and the leash was in the front seat," Mica told TODAY'S TMJ4 last week.
The story goes that someone found the St. Bernard roaming around a north side neighborhood near 50th & North. That person could not find the owner, so they offered the dog to a willing family.
"They asked if I would take the dog in and I absolutely, positively took the dog in," said Gina Ragland.
The Raglands are probably the best doggy foster family a pooch could request.  They bought food, a pet bed and feeding dishes.  The Raglands gave her a bath and a name.  
"We started calling her Lucy," Gina said.
The Raglands were ready to care for the dog as their own until one of the girls found the missing poster on Facebook.  Next came a tough, tearful lesson in doing the right thing.
"I'm glad that I'm instilling that to my children," Gina said.  "We're just glad she has her dog back."
The Raglands turned Kura over to her rightful and very thankful owner
"We have no idea where the dognapper is," Mica said.  "We have no idea where the car is.  But, I like to think he just got scared from all the coverage about this and he just dumped her off somewhere and a really nice family found her."
Mica is still hoping police will catch the person who broke into her car.