New TSA program aims to speed up airport security checks

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New TSA program aims to speed up airport security checks

By Samara Sodos. CREATED Dec 4, 2013

MILWAUKEE - The Transportation Security Administration is unveiling a new program for people who would rather keep their clothes on while going through security checks.

The new TSA pre-check program starts in Indianapolis Wednesday before it rolls out to other airports, including Mitchell International in Milwaukee. Enrollees in the program get to walk through a special line that lets them keep on their shoes, jacket and belt, etc. Additionally, they won't have to take out laptops or liquids.

Carry-on luggage will still go through an X-ray machine.

The idea behind the new program is to shorten lines and reduce hassles. To participate, travelers must fill out an online application and visit an application center. The cost to enroll? $85.

Though the only application center is in Indianapolis right now, it will only be a few months before dozens of other airports join the program. 

Samara Sodos

Samara Sodos

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