Two injured after balcony collapse

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Two injured after balcony collapse

CREATED Sep. 19, 2013 - UPDATED: Sep. 20, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Two people have been injured after a balcony collapse on Milwaukee's south side Thursday, police said.

It happened just after 4:00 p.m. Thursday near South 24th Street and West National Avenue. The series of balconies that covers the back of the four-story building collapsed while a construction worker was working on it.

Eyewitnesses tell TODAY'S TMJ4 the worker fell through all four layers of the balcony, and that a young girl was injured as well while taking out the trash.

"Somebody was yelling 'help, help,'" says Angela Bealin, who lives in the building. "Everybody was trying to help the man... blood was just gushing out of his head... the landlord was here and he just left."

Inspection reports show the building's been on the city’s radar for years.

2405 W. National is a building with a laundry list of past violations -- plumbing problems, electrical issues, rodents, and and as recently as march of this year, a service request for unspecified "exterior code violations". That case was closed the next day. 

Police are calling Thursday’s porch collapse a case of home repair gone wrong. It was a private job, but the city does have the building on record for structural violations dating back to 2008. The report cites a "defective metal common staircase" on the south side of the building. The order: "to replace deteriorated components" of that staircase.

Then, there was the order to repair a "defective concrete ceiling" on the fourth floor's south landing. 

It's unclear if this work required permits, but we do know there were none. The only permits issued that year were for plumbing repairs. And there’s no permit for the work being done today. None have been issued this year.

The latest service request for this building, was added thuursday night: to condemn it. That is still under review. 

A search of the City of Milwaukee Neighborhood Services System shows the building at 2405 West National Avenue has a long history of code violations, dating back to at least 2008.

The extent of the two injuries is not yet known.