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Kids enjoy last day of summer vacation

Yona Gavino

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Kids enjoy last day of summer vacation

CREATED Sep. 2, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Savanna Johnson celebrated her last day of summer vacation with her mom and dad’s family at the lakefront on Labor Day. That’s because Tuesday she starts fourth grade in Hartford.

“We’re going to go on paddleboats and have fun together,” says Johnson.

Still, she’s looking forward to seeing her teachers and making new friends. Her brother Dallas admits there’s a lot he’ll miss about the summer.

“I’ll miss not having to go to school, and playing around with friends and going to the gym,” explains Dallas. “I liked waking up late in the morning.”

The kids enjoyed waking up around 10:30. But their mom says Tuesday morning, they’ll be waking up at 6:30 and 7:30. With all these changes, the family’s just looking to make today as much fun as possible.

"It was real important because it’s kind of like the last family day,” says their mom Elaine Skenadore. “Everybody starts their regular routine and then everybody kind of breaks apart.”

The family spent most of the day by the lake, but they will have to hit the stores tonight for some last minute back-to-school shopping.