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Kenosha School District gets new surveillance system


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Kenosha School District gets new surveillance system

By Jonah Kaplan. CREATED Sep 4, 2014

KENOSHA -- A new school year brings new technology to the Kenosha School District, but it's not for the students. The district has just installed a new surveillance camera system.  

"The primary focus is that there's potential for what's considered an active threat in a building," said Patrick Finnemore with the Kenosha Unified School District. "What happened at Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, Columbine- being prepared for that worse case scenario."

Over the next ten months, the district will install 1,400 high definition cameras. The total cost is $1.5 million.

"In our minds there are two primary goals of a school district," said Finnemore. "One is to educate, and two is to protect their health and safety."

Students say it's money well spent. 


Jonah Kaplan

Jonah Kaplan

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