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Humane Society looking for new home for abandoned cat, Alvin

Rick Lindfors

Humane Society looking for new home for abandoned cat, Alvin

CREATED Aug. 22, 2013

SAUKVILLE – The decision to give up your pet is never easy, even if it’s the only option you have. Your life may suddenly change in a way that leaves no room for your pet, and it can be heartbreaking.

That’s the story for Alvin the cat. Alvin’s owners were moving away, and couldn’t take him along. Wisconsin Humane Society staff found them in a carrier at the back door of the Ozaukee Campus. They found a letter from the owners saying Alvin was in perfect health, and the owners had no other option but to leave him. The owners couldn’t afford a surrender fee.

While the shelter staff is glad that Alvin is in their hands, they are sad Alvin was left at the back door.

Ozaukee Campus director Beth Maresh wants people to know that it’s OK to bring your pet to a shelter.

"People should never be embarrassed or ashamed to have to surrender an animal," Maresh said.

People can also bring in pets anonymously. Maresh wants pet owners to provide the pet’s health and behavior history. This can help the WHS staff provide the best service possible to the animal.

Alvin received a full examination from WHS veterinarian Dr. Randal Zeman. Alvin was healthy, but had periodontal disease and needed two teeth removed. He did well during the surgery, and went up for adoption five days later.

The surrender fee for a cats and dogs is $35, but can be waived if the owner cannot afford it. The WHS prefers pet owners to make appointments to surrender pets, especially in the summer. Even without an appointment, the WHS won’t turn away and animal in need.