Girls learn to rock at UWM camp


Girls learn to rock at UWM camp

By Keller Russell. CREATED Aug 6, 2013

MILWAUKEE - Inside UWM'S Zelazo Center of Performing Arts, there's a special kind of learning this week -- lessons for young girls about what it really means to "rock".

At Girls Rock Milwaukee, campers learn to play instruments and write their own songs.

But the lesson extends far beyond music.

"The goal is to expose women, well girls, to the different types of music and that women can do anything in music," explained camp director and co-founder, Valeri Lucks.

It's a life lesson using music as a tool, teaching conflict resolution, decision making and leadership skills. Camp directors Valeri Lucks and Ashley Smith both work in male dominated industries and were motivated to start the camp to empower young girls to believe in themselves and develop skills that will help them as they grow.

"We think if we can create more avenues and moments of exposure for girls to see that you can be strong and do really great things, we'll see more women in music and just any avenue where there tends to be more men than women," said Lucks.

Michelle Arraujo likes the concept. She enrolled her 9-year-old daughter, Madison, to participate in the camp's inaugural year.

"I think its so good to show young girls that they can rock or do anything a boy can do," she said.

Madison loves music and playing the drums. This week, she'll play bass.

"She's the only girl drummer at her school so for her to see that girls can play any instrument, that's really cool."

And while Madison is excited to learn about music, her mom knows she is gaining so much more.

The girls will wrap up camp with a showcase of their original songs Sunday at Turner Hall. The show is open to the public.

Ticket prices will help pay for next year's camp.

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