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Football parents unfazed by Sunday full of hard hits

Steve Chamraz

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Football parents unfazed by Sunday full of hard hits

CREATED Oct. 21, 2013

SHOREWOOD - Even at a high school level, football is a game built around hard contact. That's something the Messmer-Shorewood team was dishing out something good Monday night in an underclass game against Homewood.

Though parents of the kids doing the tackling were not inclined to call it violent.
Players learn early to finish their hits, which does not seem to bother football moms like Robin Thompson one bit.
"I don't think of it as violence, I think of it as fun," said Thompson, mother of a Messwood player. "Accidents happen out there."
Steve Albright watched his son play with a mentality of boys will be boys.
He remembers getting injured while running track, so he has no problems with kids putting on pads and helmets and playing rough.
"Kids have been playing football for years," he said. "There are kids who get hurt on occasion, but kids get hurt playing basketball, playing soccer."
While it is true that all sports can lead to injury, a teen is more than twice as likely to get a concussion in high school football than in soccer, basketball or baseball.